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asphalt hose 17bar 250psi 2 inch water pump hose for sale philippines

use: Dredging Suction and Drainage Hoses Heavy-duty, wear-resistant, water-repellent, mud-sand rubber suction and drainage hoses for vacuum trucks or gravel, sand, pea gravel, cement powder, dry fertilizers, iron ore, and grain processing abrasives. Note: This hose is not designed for batch processing, such as the removal of a rail vehicle. Litho Hydraulics is designed specifically

high temp flexible exhaust hose for sale philippines

Description: High temperature resistant rubber hose which is good, Henan Luohe Litong high temperature resistant hose manufacturers, complete specifications, | high temperature resistant hose affordable, complete model. use: Petroleum-based hydraulic oil for ultra-high temperature use, temperature range -40°C~+208°C characteristic: The hose is made of special compound rubber inner rubber with good resistance to high temperature,

3500 en 853 2sn 100 r2s gates hydraulic hose distributor in india

classification: According to the production process, high-pressure hydraulic rubber hoses are mainly divided into high-pressure steel wire braided pipes and high-pressure steel wire winding pipes. Wire wound hose Reinforced high-pressure steel wire winding hoses are mainly inner rubber layers, and intermediate rubber layers are alternately wound by four or more structural layers and outer rubber

standard size of hydraulic air compressor hose r1 and r2 bsp id size

Application range: Braided air ducts are used in high-pressure working environments, suitable for mining, quarries, construction and other industries Outer layer: Yellow SBR rubber, wear resistance, oxidation resistance Reinforcement layer: High tension braided steel wire layer Inner layer: Black extruded SBR rubber, resistant to oil mist Work pressure: Constant pressure 40 Bar (600PSI): 1/2″, 3/4″,

hydraulic hose order per meter 5 8 3 4 1 sae100r2 hoses & tubing

use: Large diameter wire braid hose Suitable for use with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, hoses with a temperature range of -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F). characteristic: Large diameter wire braid hose  consists of a layer of oil-resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, (one or two layers) steel braid and a layer of oil-resistant and resistant

ultra high pressure ptfe industrial hose sae 100 r17 price per foot

application: This series of ultra high pressure ptfe industrial hose can be, but not limited to, many of the following applications, such as chemical delivery pipes, high temperature general hydraulics, and cooling system piping. The PTFE core tube of this series of hoses has the characteristics of resistance to the penetration of water molecules and

sae 100 r4 steam rubber hose pipe suppliers in south korea

Application range: Transfer saturated steam and superheated steam at a maximum working pressure and temperature of 270 PSI and 430°F (+220°C), suitable for shipyards, chemical plants and industrial applications. steam rubber hose pipe drainage after each use will increase the service life. If detergents or oils are present, it is not recommended for flushing applications.

wholesale fuel delivery hose made to order uk suppliers

fuel delivery hose Application range: fuel delivery hose Aromatics contain less than 50% of fuel and oil. This product is designed for high strength applications. Outer layer: Black CR conductive rubber, abrasion resistant, oxidation resistant, hydrocarbon resistant. Reinforcement layer: High tension textile rope and highly flexible spiral steel wire Inner layer: Black NBR conductive rubber Work

sae 100 r12 high pressure chemical hose suppliers south africa

Application area Large diameter chemical resistant acid and alkali rubber hoses transport chemicals, chemicals, foods, solvents, and all kinds of acids. No swelling, dissolution, cracking and deformation. product structure Inner rubber: PTFE HNBR Reinforcement layer: multilayer wire wound Outer rubber: EPDM HNBR temperature range Usually recommended operating temperature: -55 °C ~ +200 °C Chemical acid

heavy duty black industrial concrete pump rubber hoses

Application range: Concrete hose reinforced concrete pump hose, special easy-to-operate design, suitable for concrete pouring site. industrial concrete pump rubber hoses Outer layer: Black SBR/NR hybrid rubber, abrasion resistant, oxidation resistant. Reinforcement layer: High tension steel braid Inner layer: Black NR Conductive Rubber – Abrasion Resistant Work pressure: Constant pressure 85Bar (1275PSI) Applicable temperature range:

air line rubber hose compressor pipe resistant cable 8mm

Compressed air tube is a chemical product with appearance, softness, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and full-text irritancy. Scope of application The imported compressed air pipe is suitable for conveying compressed air, water or inert gas at room temperature for various power machines and pneumatic tools. The Features: The skeleton layer of the hose is braided with chemical